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We aim to service the hell out of our entrepreneurs and help our portfolio companies grow.
Ampliphy is the platform we developed to leverage our unique global network to provide meaningful services and value at scale to our portfolio companies and the entire Israeli high tech ecosystem.
Sales Opportunities
We identify sales prospects and potential customers from our network and present our companies with opportunities for business introductions.
Hiring Made Easy
We analyze our talent pool to find relevant candidates for open positions at our portfolio companies and utilize our vast network to create approaches through mutual connections. We also use our media presence to help our companies build an employer brand.
Follow-on Funding
We map our network of investors to help you create the right opportunities for follow-on funding at the right time for your company.
Service Providers You Can Trust
Take advantage of our recommended service providers in development, marketing, design, legal, finance, HR and recruitment — all vetted by our portfolio companies. We also provide special activation instructions for Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud credit.
Cross-Portfolio Professional Communities
We manage exclusive groups for our founders, marketers, designers, and Finance, Operations, Administration and HR executives to facilitate the exchange of insight and knowledge. We also hold offline professional meetups for various functions in our portfolio and the ecosystem.